25, Apr, 2017

Qualified and Dedicated People – Simply the Best!

Dan, our apprentice is just finishing his two week “Block Release up-skilling” at Thatcham Training Centre. Thatcham is funded by the Insurance Industry and is the premier Training Facility in the U.K. it has all the latest technology for the Apprentices to practice with and their Tutors explain the latest techniques.

Dan is our fifth apprentice and has been told he has a good chance of winning Apprentice of the Year; we are passionate about helping people help themselves into a rewarding career. Other than recruiting Apprentices, we do sometimes recruit qualified people from within the industry, I am afraid the Bodyshop Industry does not have enough qualified personnel. If someone wants to join our team from another Bodyshop they need to have ATA that is Automotive Technician Accreditation.

Then we have to give them a thorough induction that involves not only the technical aspects, ensuring they are up to speed with our latest technology and innovative processes but also client relationship management or more succinctly how to serve! Read More Here ooops team blog Qualified and Dedicated People – Simply the Best! Our industry like most industries is moving fast and we need to invest in training our team to keep abreast of the latest technological and innovative equipment, paints, plastics, glass and systems to keep us ahead of the competition.

We are “used” to trial products for innovative manufacturing companies as they appreciate our thirst for knowledge and help us seek new and different ways of getting a clients car back to them in perfect condition more quickly and at lower cost. Bruce has now been with us for four years, a qualified painter who just has to be one of the fastest at “prepping” the job. This is where the largest cost is and Bruce is just so efficient. He then takes his time painting, giving full attention to detail to ensure a total quality outcome that means we have every confidence in giving our LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

David has been with us three years and is a qualified panel engineer, also called a “Panel Beater”. David can make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear, a true artisan to behold. David is the “Face of ooops!” his smile goes with him everywhere and even when I annoy him at times; he still smiles and forgives me! Tania will ascertain the damage to your car and within a few minutes will have you a written quote that states what it means and means what it states.

Tania will also advise as to whether it would be better for you to go through insurance and then advise you that it is your right to use ooops! if you so desire. We never pressure you to make a decision on the spot indeed we advise you take the quote away and compare it, telephoning us back to book it in when you establish that we are the best value for money. To ensure that your vehicle is looked after with the utmost care and attention to detail we “Bonus” our team, targeting Ten things every month that will ensure you and your vehicle get the best service possible.

As we achieve each target we move on to new targets so we enjoy an ever increasing standard of quality and care. This is the opposite of most Body shops that bonus their team on a “Time Saved Bonus” which rewards the Technicians for doing the job faster and faster, which in my experience means worse and “even worse”!

This constant, positive, rewarding communication within our team leads to a happy atmosphere and we know that happy people invariably ensure clients are happy also, although it does mean we often have to put up with Bruce singing as he dreams of auditioning for X factor.

So with David’s happy smile, Bruce’s happy singing and Dan’s happy dancing, ( best not to explain ), it just leaves Tania to be the happy “listener” as this is most important to us, to ensure we really listen to what our clients want.

So, I trust this outlines how we intend to look after you and your vehicle with trained and qualified people that really want to make manifest their talents to you. Please “pop in” and meet us at your earliest convenience, we will be delighted to show you around.