02, Feb, 2018

Our commitment to environment and staff well-being

Environmentally friendly

When we started the business in 2002 we wanted to be as environmentally friendly as possible and to that end invested in the latest spray booth that saved electricity and gas in vast quantities through the latest computerized systems.

We have also invested heavily in technology that can “cure” primer, paint and lacquer quicker, without any loss of quality such as infra red and ultra violet light. This saves gas and electricity and gives us a quicker repair time so that our client can have their vehicle back on the road same day in most cases or worse case, next day.

Where it is safe, we also wanted to repair instead of replace items like bumpers that are always getting scraped in car parks. The insurance companies have a policy of replacing a bumper (which on average is £800) whereas, we can repair and paint a whole bumper from £199 including V.A.T. and if it is just the corner, we can do this for just £ 159 including V.A.T.

Looking after the team

We passionately believe in looking after our team, everyone that has worked at ooops! for a year is offered FREE BUPA. 4127858561 ff1802ba96 m Our commitment to environment and staff well beingAll of our team are provided with FREE PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) and wear “Air Fed Masks” when painting. Our team have a FREE Health Check every year.This includes Lung Function, Skin care, Hearing and Urine checks. By monitoring our team annually, we know that we are doing our best to keep them fit and healthy. We also monitor the air quality in our spray booth on a regular basis.

The question for our clients is; do they care? Looking after our people is an investment and one that yields dividends in client care.

Does our competition take such strenuous efforts to look after their teams? Do they go “above and beyond” to look after their people? It is only when one’s people are looked after, that they can look after one’s client – this is what we believe, and our focus is looking after everyone that encounters us, manifesting one of our core values – Humanity.

Support for young people

We also support young people in the community, we always have an apprentice and send them to the pre-eminent centre of excellence that is Thatcham for their ATA NVQ 3 qualifications.

Paul is also an advisor and a Judge to Young Enterprise where school children form, trade and then close down their own companies over a school year to gain an appreciation of commerce.